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Want to experience living in the most autentic Jewish area of Rome? check out Bed & Breakfast Little Queen, right in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto

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SleepingRome Apartments and Bed and Breakfast in Rome

bite sized portions of information for the independent visitor to Italy

are you thinking to visit Barcelona? if so check :

The Home in Rome
Kosher Bed and Breakfast

Jewish Tours Berlin Link

If you want to know more about Italian cutlure

Italian Judaica

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See what Rick Steves had to say about my Jewish Rome Tours!

Listen to the entire show (it starts from minute 35 - Windows Media)

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Micaela's interview for European Jewish Press

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Are you going to Venice? If so, check out:
Jewish Ghetto of Venice -

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Are u looking for an apartment in Rome? If so, check out :

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