The Jewish Tours

The Jewish presence in Rome is very very old, that’s why you have the opportunity to visit different Jewish sites according to your personal interests.
I can show you the Jewish quarter with its charming narrow streets, the Synagogue in Ostia Antica with the surrounding archaeological area, The Arch of Titus and The Moses by Michelangelo…
Please Note that a Jewish local guide knows stories that can’t be found in a travel book ;-)

  • The Ghetto of Rome
    Roman Jews have been living in this neighbourhood for 22 centuries, giving birth to the only Jewish community to be present always in the same place before the Diaspora.
    I will take you to see the Jewish Museum, The magnificent Synagogue, and the Ghetto.
    We’ll stop at the Kosher Bakery to taste the famous Pizza Giudia, we’ll have the chance to meet other Jews, who consider Ghette as a meeting point.
    I will teach you how to speak Judaico Romanesco and how to recognize roman Jewish last names.

    The tour will take 3 hours.
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    to ask info or to book this tour.

  • Ostia Antica Synagogue
    It was discovered in 1961 at the edge of the town, near the ancient coastline.
    The building was identified as a synagogue on the basis of its monumental size and the presence of Jewish artwork including a relief with a menorah, several lamps with this same motif, and an inscription which makes reference to an ark.
    This tour will be led by Peter, an American archaeologist who has dedicated all his life studying Roman and Etruscan sites.

    The tour will take 3 hours.
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  • Roman Forum and Titus Arch
    The Arch of Titus (Arcus Titi) is a triumphal arch that commemorates the victory of the emperors Vespasian and Titus in Judea in 70 CE, which lead to the conquest of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Jewish temple there, and the triumphal procession the two held in Rome in 71 CE.
    The Jews of Rome have always refused to pass under the Arch, for centuries. When the State of Israel was born the whole community of Rome run up to the Forum to pass through the Arch, then with a different feeling.

    This tour takes 3 hours.
    Email me to ask info or to book this tour.



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