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Best: Jewish Ghetto tour with Micaela Pavoncello
Why: We had such a wonderful time on our tour of the Jewish Ghetto with Micaela. She was both incredibly knowledgeable and fun to be with. Everyone in our family enjoyed the time with spent with her, the adults, teenagers and our 12 year old son. I highly recommend spending time with Micaela in the ghetto if you are at all interested in the history and current situation of Roman Jews.
Sabrina in New York City, USA 01/05/2007

Micaela Pavoncello's guide of the Jewish Ghetto was by far my best experience in Rome this January! She's delightful and knowledgeable. I only wish I had more time there to book other tours with her too.
Rochelle Katz in New York, NY USA 01/23/2007

Jewish Rome
I just went a wonderful tour of Jewish Rome with Micaela Pavoncello (pavoncellom@hotmail.com) One of the things that I thought was very special about the tour that they gave was the passion they have for the community and the fact that they are so much a part of the community. Wherever we went we always bumped into people that they knew and introduced us to, including the chief Rabbi of Rome. She made us feel like a part of the community. Rome has a very active Jewish community. If I had not gone with her I would not have experienced that. My trip would have just been to see some artifacts and not to see the bustling community up close and meet the people.
Shmuel Greenbaum < email >
Passaic, NJ   USA   02/05/2007

Jewish Rome tour with Micaela Pavoncello (www.jewishroma.com) Feb 2007. An excellent tour! Tremendous insight into the community and larger context. Micaela is a dynamic, fast-paced guide---meaning she hasn't been to professional guide school for boring recitation training. She is fluent in multiple languages, including English and a variant of Italkian. For anybody who does crossword puzzles in pen and likes to play "stump-the-guide", you will meet your match and likely lose.
David Greenberg in Fogelsville, PA USA 02/13/2007
< email >

Vatican tour from Jewishroma.com. We have visited the Vatican twice before - once with a guide and once using the "audio" tour. The tour was marvelous for many reasons, including; Seeing the Vatican from a Jewish perspective. Access to areas not usually available to the public. Having a charming, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide who is on fist name (and in some cases kissing) terms with the Vatican staff.
David Borkin England 02/17/2007

Why: My family went on tour of Jewish Rome with Michaela Pavoncello and had a wonderful time. She is a charming and highy energetic tour guide who has a passion for the more than 2000 years of Roman Jews history and an eye for revealing and interesting details. She also seems to know everyone who eitherlives and works in the Ghetto although, as she made clear, Roman Jews do not call it the Ghetto but rather "the Piazza" since it is the central meeting place for Roman Jewry.
David in Rosen, NY USA 02/27/2007

Micaela Pavoncello's tour of Jewish Rome is highly recommended. Micaela is vivacious, engaging and enthusiastic about the history of her community and of her city. Rome is always viewed as the centre of Christendom, but Jews have a longer past in the city and that heritage has to be sort out as it is not obvious to the casual visitor. Micaela opens a window onto one of Jewry's most ancient communities that has maintained a continuous tradition for 2000 years. A tour with Micaela is a 'must do' to all who are interested in a fascinating but little known aspect of Rome's life.
Jon Seligman, Jerusalem 02/27/2007

Jewish Ghetto Tour
Michaela Pavoncello is an extremely outgoing and helpful guide, having the 'inner track' on the pulse of the community, being a member of the Jewish Community there and knowing most everybody. She has a great knowledge of local traditions and sites and communicates this well. The history deserves a telling and this one is great! Michaela doesn't mind being somewhat of an activist to have her community's interests defended, which is laudable. Some of the details of this community's history are still coming to the front, so work of newer academic studies could complement this for fanatics about Ancient and Medieval Jewery. (e.g. Rome and Jerusalem, Goodman-Penguin (c) 2007)
MJKropf < email >
Port Jefferson, NY USA 03/05/2007

Micaela Pavoncello is an extraodinarily talented, engaging and informative guide to jewish rome ! Her enthusiasm and knowledge made our trip to italy most wonderful...She also related beautifully to our children..When in rome - Micaela is a must for jewish rome, the ghetto and a treasure trove of information
Rabbi Howard Buechler < email >
Dix Hills, NY USA 03/05/2007

Best: Micaela Pavoncello/Jewish Roma Tours
Why: My five year old daughter, her father and I toured the Jewish Ghetto with Micaela a few days ago. It was definitely a highlight of our two week trip to Europe. These two ladies are so knowledgeable and engaging and really knocked our socks off with the history lessons!!! We only had a day and a half and saw much more with them than we could have ever figured out on our own. My little girl was just about worn out and tired of looking at Pompeii, Epheses, the Acropolis, Olympia, ANOTHER church, etc., Micaela took extra time to capture her interest and include her. They were really wonderful with her. By the way, we are not Jewish, but that does not matter--if you are a lover of history and enjoy learning from your travels (not just "sightseeing") you will really enjoy them. I cannot say enough good things about their private tours. You will say it was well worth the money!!!!
Rhonda in Dallas, TX USA 03/19/2007

Best: Jewish Rome Tours
Why: We had a great morning with Micaela Pavoncello (www.jewishroma.com) touring the Synagogue and Jewish ghetto in Rome. She is passionate and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.
Carla in Sydney, Australia 03/26/2007

Jewish Ghetto Tour - Rome
The tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome by Micaela Pavoncello was fascinating. The tour guide provided a level of detail and personal touch that was very unique. Learning the history of this particular Jewish Ghetto and ancient Jewish community is highly recommended.
Fred Epstein
Charlottesville , VA USA 03/29/2007

Rome tours
Micaela Pavoncello's Jewish Ghetto tour in Rome is without question 5 stars. A perfect balance of abundant knowledge, passion, charm and beauty.
Barbara Karlin
Boca Raton, Fl USA 04/13/2007

Best: Jewish Synagogue and ghetto tour with Micaela Pavoncello
Why: She is thoroughly charming. Her knowledge and love of the area were unsurpassable. We could not have done this tour on our own. It is well worth the cost. Everyone in the ghetto knows her and obviously loves her.
Judy Baker in Jenkintown, PA USA 05/04/2007

Vatican Tour with a Jewish perspective was an amazing experience. This tour is run by Micaella Povencella and her partner. We highly reccomend it. I wish we had more time in Rome to have done another of her tours.
Joy Kligman < email >
Warminster, PA USA 05/19/2007

I had a chance to take three tours of the Jewish Ghetto. I learn more when I have the chance to compare. Tours included Michaela Pavoncello, a Viator tour of the Ghetto and Trastevere, and a CD prerecorded tour "Walk and Talk Rome." By far, the best tour, and one of the highlights of my trip was the tour provided by Michaela Pavoncello. The basic facts were similar in all three tours. But, Ms. Pavoncello embodies the spirit and history of the Jewish community. She doesn't just tell the story of the ghetto, she tells her family history going back to the first Jews in Rome, back over 2000 years. She places the period of the ghetto in perspective to the Jews full involvement in the life of Rome. Her knowledge, spirit, and passion is unforgettable. The other tours provide an understanding but can't compare to Ms. Pavoncello. There is one concern I should mention: cost. The viator tour is 25 Euro. The CDs cost $16 on Amazon. But Ms Pavoncello lists some dramtically high fees for her tours. Initially, she asked me to pay 100 Euros to join a tour with three other people. Through a series of E-mails, I let her know that her price was unafforable for me. She may think all us Americans are rich. But, in my case, she agreed to reduce the price to a level that fit my budget. She says that she will negotiate prices for groups of people, but not for private tours. I'm guessing she will reach agreement with anyone who requests a reasonable price. So, don't be disuaded by the initial suggested price. The negotiations are well worth the effort.
Stuart NY USA 05/19/2007

Roman Ghetto
Absolutely excellent guide, tour and subject of tour. I highly recommend this tour to anyone of any denomination. The tour is run by Micaela Pavoncello who speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable.
Earl Barron
Hollywood, FL USA 05/18/2007

Best: Micaela Pavoncello's Ghetto tour
Why: We traveled to a number of Ghettoes and Synagogues in the north of Italy and nowhere else did we actually get a sense of what life as a Jew was like. The rest were just cold buildings with no sense of a human element. Micaela's willingness to share her family’s stories and initimate knowledge of the community was extraordinary. Everybody knows Micaela and she knows everybody. We even got a chance to have a casual chat on the street with the former Chief Rabbi of Italy as he left the fish shop. Just extraordinary.
Jeff Shender in Philadelphia, PA USA 05/29/2007

Jewish Heritage Tour
Michaela Pavoncella was our guide in Rome for 2 days during an Elderhostel Jewish Heritage trip. She was an outstanding guide and very well versed in her subject. I have already recommended her to friends if they have an interest in Jewish Rome.
Barbara Silver
Rumson, N J USA 06/04/2007

Hi Micaela -
We loved our tour with you--you made the history come alive and so easy to grasp, and provided the connection also to the present. (And you are never boring!!) You are extremely talented and do a fantastic job. Anna and I really enjoyed our tour with you and talked about it so much afterwards. It was a memorable part of our visit to Rome. It was also great having a group of Jewish people from all over -- you from Rome, families from Tennessee and Cleveland --and as you said--so much in common. Will do a good write-up for you and will also recommend you to any friends and colleagues in New York who are going to Rome.
Laura Fleder, New York City

Tours of Rome, Italy
Dear Mr. Steves, Last month, my wife, my son, and I had the very good fortune of having some tours arranged for us in Rome by Micaela Pavoncello of Jewishroma.com. Micaela arranged a superb tour of the central synagogue and the Jewish Ghetto by Mindy Cummings and another excellent tour of Ostia Antica by Peter de Muro. I would highly recommend Micaela's company for any touring of Rome. Yours sincerely, Howard Price
Howard Price
Toronto, Canada 06/04/2007

Rome Walking Tours - Micaela
We loved Macaela and Jewish Roma Waling Tours. The tour of Jewish Rome was fantastic. She really provides a unique perspective and provides a lot of information in an intersting and energetic fashion. A definite A plus for this one.
Atlanta, GA USA 06/14/2007

Jewish Roma - "Micaela"
I would like to add my comments about "Jewish Roma". We booked a tour of the Jewish Ghetto as well as the Vatican tour through Jewish eyes. We corresponded on line with Micaela Pavoncello, but our tour guide was Mindy. She was great. Her knowledge and expertise of the subjects, art and architecture was amazing. It made ancient Rome come alive for us.
Berkeley Hts., NJ USA 06/29/2007

Jewish Roma Tours
In May, my family and I went to Rome for the first time. Unfortunately, We had only 2 1/2 days (we were on our way to Israel), during which we took 4 tours with Jewish Roma and were very pleased. Sara took us on the Ancient Rome tour the day we arrived, Katarina on the Vatican tour and the "favorites" tour, and Michaela on the Jewish Ghetto tour. Our family consisted of my 75 year old mother, my 20 year old daughter, and my husband and I sandwiched in-between. These ladies were fantastic. They took good care of us (my daughter's suitcase never arrived, and they even took us shopping) and accomodated the tour for our abilities and interests. The depth and breadth of their knowledge is amazing. They made Rome come alive for us. We were even lucky enough to see a wedding in the Great Synagogue. Michaela's passion for the Jewish Ghetto is contagious. I would highly recommend them.
Leora Hatchwell < email >
Buffalo Grove, IL USA 07/02/2007

Jewish Roma tour
We just returned from Rome and a tour of the Jewish Getto with Micaela Pavoncello who Rick Steves recommends. It was the highlight of our time in Rome! She is a fabulous young lady and the best "tour guide" we've ever had!
Nancy Draper
Bremerton, Wa USA 07/05/2007

Jewish Roma Tours
After researching tours in the area, I booked the Jewish Ghetto tour in Rome with Micaela Pavoncello (JewishRoma tours). If you want a no-nonsense, insider's perspective, then tour with Micaela Pavoncello. Micalea is passionate, knowledgeable and will tell it like it is. Why have someone who was not raised in the area show you churches in the Jewish ghetto? Whether you are Jewish or not, you'll learn from Micaela.
CA USA 07/11/2007

Best: Micaella of Jewish Roma tours
Why: Absolutely fascinating tour with Micaella, who is so at home in the ghetto that she makes you feel as if you are a part of it also....wonderful facts and stories kept our whole group involved...the way she knew everyone and everyone knew her was amazing..highly recommended!
Stan Weiss
New York, NY USA 07/11/2007

Roma: Jewish Roma Walking Tours: "Micaela is a dream"
pulmodoc, Montreal 11 lug 2007
The highlight of our recent trip to Rome was a tour of the synagogue, Jewish museum and ghetto with Micaela Pavoncello.
She is vivaceous, infectious in her enthusiam and full of knowledge.
Micaella reduced the price of the tour as others joined our family.
Mazal Tov.
Dr. and Mrs, Lawrence Knight and Daniel
Montreal, Canada

Walking tour - Ghetto, Rome Italy
My husband and I recently enjoyed a half day walking tour of Rome's Ghetto area including the Great Synagogue and Museum. Our guide of "Jewish Roma Walking Tours" Micaela Povoncello, was an articulate, enthusiastic and well-informed young woman who imparted her extensive knowledge with insight and humor regarding the history, politics and social mores of the Roman Jewish community. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would highly recommend this fascinating and memorable experience.
Deborah and Martin Greenfield <email>
Eatontown, NJ USA 07/13/2007

Amazing tour of Rome's Jewish ghetto
My mom, brother and I went on a phenomenal tour with Micaela Pavoncello. I live in Manhattan- work on Wall Street, have lived and travelled abroad extensively and have VERY high standards when it comes to any type of tour- Jewish or not. I admired Micaela's professionalism leading up to the tour and her followup afterwards. Micaela's historical knowledge, perspective and passion for Jewish culture was inspiring. She is full of enthusiasm and love for the Jewish Roman Community. Her family tales were exotic and interesting...but at the same time, I would assume, similar to many Jews regardless of nationality.. When she comes to NY, I hope to get her 'booked' at the 92nd Street Y to do a Jewish Roman cooking course!
Jerami <email>
Manhattan, NY USA 07/14/2007

Rome's Jewish Ghetto
We (family of 2 parents, 2 teens) thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Rome's Jewish Ghetto, which my wife had arranged in advance with Micaela Pavoncello. We highly recommend her to anyone interested in getting a great overview (as much as one could in a 2-3 hr tour)of the history of Roman Jewry and the Ghetto area (a nod to Micaela -- call it "the Piazza" instead). You also can find a short article mentioning her, entitled "Travel: Jewish Rome," in the July 2, 2007 International Edition of Newseek. She has knowledge, humor and personality, not to mention excellent English. A great choice.
Doug <email>
VA USA 07/15/2007

We just returned from our trip to Italy and one of our favorite things was our tour of Jewish Rome with Micaela Pavoncello. My husband, myself, and our three children, ages 13, 11 and 8, were all fascinated by the tour and would tell anyone planning a trip to Italy that they should arrange a tour with Micaela.
Amy Horowitz
NJ USA 07/16/2007

Best: Tour of Jewish Rome with Micaela Pavoncello
Why: Micaela is absolutely fascinating. She made history come to life and every member of my family loved her tour more than anything else we did in Italy!
Amy USA 07/18/2007

Mica, your tour was the highlight of our two weeks in Italy. Although I was a little anxious booking this tour over the internet, there you were, at the appointed time, standing in front of the Great Synagogue of Rome (chatting with the wife of the Israeli ambassador to Italy)! The tour of the synagogue, the museum and the ghetto is not to be missed. You are a capable and knowledgeable guide, with a true sense of the history of your people, your city and your country. I was already recommending you to others before we even left the country!
Joshua A. Whitman, Esquire
Jacksonville, Florida 32207

I am just now emerging from the fog of catching up with my life after
our Italy trip. I want to tell you again how special your Ghetto tour
was for us. Of all the places we visited, it was the only one where we
felt that we could actually get a sense of what life as a Jew was like.
The rest were just cold buildings with no sense of a human element. Your
willingness to share your family's stories was extraordinary. Thank you again for such a superb and enriching experience.
All our love,
Jeff and Sandy

I've gone through Rick Steves' website and read the wonderful things that
people have to say about your tours.
What can I add?
In addition to being so incredibly knowledgeable about Italian Jewish
history and Roman Jewish history specifically, your ability to teach your
tours with the passion that comes from your love for your people and your
city, is what set you apart.
We were so lucky to be able to spend an hour, over lunch, just talking and
getting to know you better.
Then the brief tour of secular Rome was the icing on the entire day.
My poor wife, Linda, who couldn't make the tour, as been so upset about
missing that great day, that I've told her that we will come back very soon
to spend more time with you.
You are truly a Roman treasure.
Chuck Love
Chuck Love, CPC
Harrisburg, PA

Rome's Jewish Ghetto Tour
The Tour of Rome's Jewish Ghetto guided by Micaela Pavoncello was fantastic! She is a native who really knows Rome's Jewish history and she speaks English beautifully. She is very warm and friendly. The tour truly met our expectations.
Diane & Larry Seegull
Baltimore, MD USA 07/26/2007

Walking tours of Rome
I just had the pleasure of spending a half day in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome with Micaela Pavoncello and a half day in the Vatican with her partner Mindy. They were informed and enthusiastic making it a high point of my trip to Italy. I would highly recommend both tours to anyone visiting Rome.
Karyn Drewnowsky
Thornhill, ON Canada 07/26/2007

Rome- Jewish Ghetto Tour
We just returned home from an amazing trip to Rome. A highlight of our trip was our time with Micaela Pavoncello and her tour of the Jewish Ghetto. Her personal knowledge of the history of the area made this part of Rome come alive for us. We learned so much about what happened in the past, and how that past relates to today. She also arranged for a tour of Ancient Rome with a colleague of hers that was excellent. We could have seen the same places on our own, but with none of the insight and understanding these experiences gave us. She also helped us arrange transfers in Rome. I felt as if we had a friend there, which is a nice feeling when visiting a place so far from home.
Pam and Mike Braun
Columbus Junction, IA USA 07/30/2007

Micaela: Your tour was so memorable...over a month later, I can still picture being inside the synagogue with you all of us watching that fantastic wedding/marriage vow renewal! Great tour!!!! thanks, best regards, rich
Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS
Seattle, WA 98104 08/08/2007

Jewish Ghetto of Rome
For the ultimate Jewish historical experience in Rome, don't miss the tour of the Jewish ghetto, with Micaela Pavoncello. It will be a highlight of your visit to Italy.
Ken Sekine
Jacksonville, FL USA 08/12/2007

Rome Jewish Ghetto Tour with Michaela
Rome Jewish Ghetto Tour with Michaela Pavoncello was one our favorite tours. The history, stories and people we met along the way were amazing. Michaela was bright, informative and very well spoken. Highly recommended!
Todd Friedenberg
Nashville, TN USA 08/13/2007

Best: Jewish Ghetto Tour--Micaela Pavoncello
Why: This tour is a must for everyone. It offers a glimpse of history and culture that is easy to miss in Rome. The guide is entertaining and informative. You'll learn a lot and won't be bored for a second.
Anna in NY, NY USA 08/30/2007

Micaela Pavoncello
My wife and I and our two kids, ages 12 and 14, spent five days in Rome this past August touring with Micaela Pavoncello and her colleagues. We saw the Forum, the Vatican and the Jewish Ghetto. It was a fascinating experience for all of us, especially the kids, who had never been to Italy previously. We also took the "My Selection" Tour with Micaela, and even thought it was the big August 15th holiday of the Assumption of the Virgin, and many sites were closed, Micaela really made the city come alive. I highly recommend this experience. Micaela is terrific.
Mark R
Boston, MA USA 09/06/2007

Micaela Pavoncello
I recently took the Jewish Ghetto tour in Rome with Michaela Pavoncello. She gave an excellent, informative and very professional tour that everyone in the group (about 8-10 people) enjoyed. I recommend her thoroughly. I understand she also does tours of Ancient Rome and the Vatican.
Reuven Singer
Jerusalem, Israel 09/08/2007

Rome's Jewish Ghetto- Micaela
My husband, teenage son and I took Micaela Pavoncello's tour in August. She was wonderful - very knowledgable, lively and interesting. She knows the people and the history of the ghetto. It was facinating and Micaela made the narrative come alive. Highly recommended!
Valerie Sarfaty
Redwood City, CA USA 09/11/2007

Jewish Ghetto Rome Tour
Micaela Pavoncello gives an amazing tour. She has a passion for Rome and especially the Ghetto area. We had 3 children with us on the tour and she made it very interesting for them and fun. Even after the tour was completed, she had lunch with us and spent extra time in the Ghetto. You will not be disappointed taking this tour. She also gives a great tour of the Vatican as well.
Michael Morris
Toronto, Ontari Canada 10/05/2007

Jewish Roma- Michaela
My husband and I joined a tour with Michaela Pavoncello to see and learn about Jewish Rome and the ghetto. Michaela, a Roman Jew, is charming,knowledgeable, funny, and knows the geography of the ghetto like the back of her hand. She keeps the tour size small, a plus. I can't think of a thing I would change, except to have spent more time with her.
Peg Steinberg
Brookline, MA USA 10/25/2007

Jewish Rome
Micaela Pavoncello was our guide in Jewish Rome as part of a 2-week Jewish Heritage Elderhostel program. Of our many guides Micaela was a standout. She was electrifying with her knowledge, strong spirit, good humor, and quick wit. Nobody in our group wandered off when Micaela was on.
Irving Bender
Randolph, NJ USA 10/28/2007

Jewish Rome- Michaela
My sister and I enjoyed two wonderful walking tours with Micaela Pavoncello. The first tour was of the fascinating historic Jewish Ghetto and the second tour focused on the art and culture of Rome. Michaela was an informative, articulate and charming guide. I highly recommend her tours to all visitors to Rome.
Evie Tole
Rancho Cucamonga, CA USA 11/02/2007

Jewish Roma Tours
We toured the Jewish Ghetto in Rome with Micaela Pavoncello this last October. We found her through www.jewishroma.com and she's wonderful. She's a native of Rome, well- educated, extremely knowledgable, bright, humorous, and she absolutely loves her city. She seems to know everyone she passes from the Chief Rabbi to all the shopkeepers. She is quite passionate about her city and her people and their experiences throughout history. We also toured the Forum with one of her associates, Sarah, the next day. Also very bright, personable and full of important and fun facts. What a wonderful experience and enriching part of our time in Rome. We highly recommend her to anyone travelling to Rome.
Mitch Lirtzman
Lafayette, La USA 11/03/2007

Jewish Roma with Micaela Pavoncella
The highlight of our family trip to Italy was the time we spent with Micaela Pavoncello. She was so wonderful with my three young sons (6 - 13) that they can recite back to you all that she taught them. It was fascinating. Her expansive knowledge of the history of Rome and the Jewish Ghetto was expected, but what delighted us was her passion for her heritage and the love that was reciprocated from the current residents of the ghetto. She is truly their ambassador. We loved the time we spent with her because in her presence we felt like we were living inside a history book. I highly recommend that you include her tour in you plans.
Debbie Berner
Clearwater, FL USA 11/06/2007

Tour of Jewish Rome - Michaela
Micaela Pavoncelo----Jewish Rome My wife and I had been to Rome two times before and thought that we knew the city well. Our third trip greatly enhanced our knowledge of Rome because of the expertise of Ms. Pavoncello. We had a wonderful insight into Jewish Rome due to the expertise and articulate presentation by Micaela.
Mitchell Egers
Los Angeles, Calif USA 11/07/2007

Your tour was great. And you are filled with charm,facts, humor, and commitment. We will recommend you to all our friends
Linda and Lester Schoenfeld, NYC

Micaela Pavoncello Jewish Getto
Our tour of the Jewish Getto in Rome was Great. Micaela Pavoncello is a wealth of knowledge and made this a delightful part of our trip. We also used her company for a Jewish prospecttive of the Vatican,highly recommended.
Howard A. Siomon
Bannockburn, il USA 11/08/2007

Tour of Jewish Rome- Michaela
Micaela Provelcella----Jewish Rome My wife and I had been to Rome two times before and thought that we knew the city well. Our third trip greatly enhanced our knowledge of Rome because of the expertise of Ms. Provencella.We had a wonderful insight into Jewish Rome due to the expertise and articulate presentation by Micaela.
Mitchell Egers
Los Angeles, Calif USA 11/07/2007

Micaela Pavoncella - Jewish Rome
Last week my wife and I spent an absolutely facinating day touring Jewish Rome with Micaela. Her historical knowledge and obvious pride in being a part of the Jewish Community were quite apparent. I highly recommend touring with Micaela and look forward to learning more from her on future visits to Rome.
E. Pegler
Tampa, Fl. USA 11/11/2007

Micaela Pavoncello Ghetto Tour
Micaela's Ghetto Tour in Rome was a highlight of our trip. She is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and truly shows her love for her heritage.
Ocean, nj USA 11/12/2007

My husband and I had a delightful, informative tour with Micaela. She's enthusiastic, knowledgable and has an engaging style, a deep love and respect for her heritage and a wide breadth of knowledge. Don't be put off by the expense. It is worth it! Her tour added a whole different angle to many things we saw in Rome.
Pat Hartman
Indianapolis, IN USA 11/16/2007

Jewish Tour of Rome Italy
One of the highlights of our recent trip to Rome was the Walking Tour of Jewish Rome conducted by Micaela Pavoncello. She is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and energetic youg lady who really knows her stuff. We wanted a private tour from someone who understands and "lives" Jewish life in Rome. Micaela fit the bill perfectly. I would highly recommend her tour. She can be contacted at pavoncellom@hotmail.com.
D Small
Nashville, TN USA 11/23/2007

Jewish Roma- Michaela
We were three couples taking a pre-cruise visit to Rome when we met up with Micaela Pavoncello at the agreed time of 10 AM in front of the Main Synagogue of Rome for her "Jewish Roma" walking tour. The weather was light rain but we all choose to ignore it. Living up to her great reputation, Micaela was marvelous. This young, beautiful woman is very proud of her Roman Jewish heritage and it showed. The details of her tour were amazing. Her warmth and enthusiasm was charming. The Roman Jews do not consider themselves either Ashkenazi or Sephardic, since they came to Rome long before those Jewish groups formed!
The collection of artifacts from past centuries in the museum have been carefully (and beautifully) displayed and preserved and Micaela's knowledge about each piece and how they were used or created simply amazed each of us—and we aren't youngsters, or new to Judaism!
In the great Synagogue, we were among several groups listening to their tour guides' lecture; but Micaela was able to impart much more information, quietly—for only us to hear. How the building was constructed; why there were stars painted on the ceiling, how the décor and internal structures were designed and why. It was here that Micaela gave us a glimpse of her personal background and how her mother came to Rome after her family escaped from Libya and its ruler, Mu`ammar Qadhafi. She talked of her parents, her grandparents and the other Jewish Romans. Her talk even included the recent history of a terrorist who tried to suicide-bomb the Synagogue and the events of Pope John Paul II's visit to the Chief Rabbi.
After a tour of the Synagogue and its museum, Micaela walked us around the ghetto and explained further the conditions under which Jews have lived for centuries. The tall structures left no room for sun light to filter into the narrow streets; how stifling and restrictive life was imposed upon Jewish Romans. The structures were tall because the Jews were not allowed to build out, so they built up to accommodate the growing Jewish population. The Christian Romans did not actively eliminate their Jewish citizens, we were told, because they felt it was their moral duty to convert and save the souls of the Jews among them.
In the center of the ghetto, we visited a Jewish bookstore where Micaela showed examples and made recommendations of Jewish books for purchase. Then we walked on to the few eateries where Romans (Jews and non-Jews) still come for Jewish culture and ethnic food. Kosher food! We were surprised, but we shouldn't have been—Roman Jews are ALL Orthodox! We picked out our lunches and dined on simple sandwiches, but incredibly delicious food. My husband and I had fried zucchini and mozzarella cheese Panini and loved it.
As I remarked earlier, we were six, cruise-seasoned couples who have taken many trips and visited many cities and ports; collectively we have enjoyed years and years of tours in many fascinating places, so it is no simple statement to note when one of our group remarked, two weeks past our tour, that he felt—without a doubt—that Micaela's tour of Jewish Rome was the best tour he had ever taken.
Nessa Memberg
Potomac Falls, VA USA 12/26/2007

Reviews from 2008 Tours

Jewish Roma
We took three tours thru Jewish Roma: the Ghetto, the Vatican, and Ancient Rome. The latter two were with art history graduate students who knew their subject very well. The first, with Micaela of the Ghetto was someting I think only she can provide with her heritage going back over 2000 years in Rome. The tours were very expensive, but the experiences unforgettable.
Linda Lippitt
Atlanta, GA USA 12/31/2008

An authentic journey back to Ancient Jewish Rome
Micaela, your tour of the Roman Jewish Ghetto totally exceeded my expectations! The detailed history, expressive stories, and vivid illustrations felt like an authentic journey back to Ancient Jewish Rome. Your humor and personality made it that much better! The tour opened up an entirely new area of knowledge to me, and has left me wanting more! Maybe even a permanent trip back to Rome... :) Thank you for everything! You are a fabulous tour guide, and I would recommend this tour to everyone and anyone!
Adi Sternhill
Toronto, Canada 19/12/2008

Rome's Jewish Ghetto Tour
We took the book's advice and contacted Micaela Pavoncello for this tour and it was one of the highlights of our stay in Italy. Informative, vibrant--exceptional examination of the history of the area leading up to the present--and she guided us to good kosher food in the area. She is knowlegeable and combines history with contemporary comments on the Jewish community of Rome. I only wish I had taken her Vatican Tour.
Jeff WHitman
Dallas, TX USA 12/09/2008

Touring Rome
Our family took a tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome, led by our terrific guide, Micaela Pavoncello. We started off with lunch at La Taverna de la Ghetto, where we sampled the "jewish roman" food, including the delicious fried artichokes, and then spent the next 3 hours touring the synagogue and more importantly, learning the history of the oldest (and still vibrant) Jewish community in Europe. I highly recommend calling or emailing Micaela before going to Rome- she will make your visit a memorable one. She also does "art tours" and can arrange a tour of the Vatican, which we took two days later.
Mark Shapiro
Greenwich, CT USA 01/06/2008

Jews and Rome-Micaela Pavoncello
This is a tour, but really a facinating history lesson of Rome and the Jews that have lived there since 120BC. My two teen-ager children were facinated and did not get bored (!). Micaela provides an scintillating and concise histry of the wonderful Temple, museum, and the surrrounding Ghetto. This MADE our trip to Rome. Kids agreed. Also---Don't ec=ven consider goig to the Vatican without Michaela's colleagues. You will miss 3/4 of the stuff in twice the time.
Martin Hopp
Los Angeles, ca USA 01/08/2008

Best: Micaela Pavoncello
Why: Micaela took us on a tour of the Jewish Ghetto. She arranged for tours of the Vatican and the Jewish Catacombs. She is informative and entertaining. The tour of the Jewish Catacombs must be privately arranged and was a real gem. Micaela has real insight into historical and modern Jewish life in Rome.
Mireet Wolf
Raanana, Israel 01/23/2008

Jewish Rome Tours w/Micaela
We took a tour with Micaela (we were actually her last tour for 2007) and she was incredible, she is not only knowledgeable but very charming and enthusiastic and very proud of her jewish-roman heritage, her tour was the highlight of our trip, I highly recommend her and would love to take another tour with her next time I visit Rome.
Azeneth Aguirre
Fredericksburg, Texas USA 01/25/2008

Jewish Roma
We had a wonderful tour with Micaela Pavoncello from Jewish Roma, recommended by Rick Steves. She's passionate, knowledgeable, a true native, knows all the local community, and fun and factual. I can't imagine any other way to see Jewish Rome, which is really fascinating and a history for everyone to share - truly a delightful and inspirational experience, made entirely that way by Micaela.
Bethesda, MD USA 02/09/2008

Jewish Ghetto Tour is Fantastic!
Touring the Jewish Ghetto with Mika is a definitely worth every minute! We highly advise you contact Jewish Roma and schedule a tour! We loved it!
Julie and Ben Waltzer
San Francisco, CA USA 02/13/2008

Jewish Ghetto Tour
The Jewish Ghetto tour with Micaela is a 'must-do' when coming to Rome. It was wonderful to balance the Christian view of Rome (after visiting the Vatican) with her in-depth descriptions of what it was like for the early Roman Jews.

We are not Jewish, but I still highly recommend the tour; not only is it informative, interesting, and well organized but Mika is a delighful hostess; I felt like I became one of her extended family after the tour.
B. Meinhard
CA. USA 02/11/2008

Jewish Roma
Our family of four visited Rome recently and thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Jewish Ghetto with Micaela Pavoncello of Jewish Roma. She is a charming, beautiful and intelligent descendant of an ancient Jewish Roman family who brings passion, humor and a wealth of detail to her tours. She even managed to hold the attention of our two teenage daughters for the entire three hours. No visit to Rome is complete without a tour of the Ghetto and the only way to see the Ghetto is with Micaela!
Joan Fine
Short Hills, NJ USA 03/05/2008

Jewish Roma and other Rome tours
We spent a delightful, informative day touring the Jewish Ghetto with Macaela Pavoncello (www.jewishroma.com). What was to be a 3 hour tour moved on to a meeting with one of the oldest Ghetto residents and a great lunch at La Taverna Del Ghetto. Macaela brings energy and vitality, plus plenty of first hand knowledge, to this important part of Rome and Jewish heritage. She seems to know everyone including two of our rabbis here in LA. Through Macaela we tied in with Sarah Nassaji for in depth tours of the Ancient Ruins and the Vatican. Both Macaela and Sarah are highly recommended for anyone looking for a guide who is not only informative but fun to be with.
Ed and Deena
Los Angeles, CA USA 03/17/2008

Jewish Roma with Micaela
I ruminated about the investment for this private tour for months. This report is to say that the money was worth it. The tour was a moving experience, thorough and not hurried at all. It was good to see Rome through the eyes of a native of the city. All of the (positive) posts about Micaela's tours were true.
Anna R
Philadelphia, PA USA 03/22/2008

Rome Ghetto with Micaela
Our tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome with Macaela Pavoncello was planned to make certain our grandchildren (ages 11, 9, 7) touring (including Vatican City) with us received a sense of our heritage too. Macaela's great knowledge, genuine passion and pride enveloped ALL of us - we will never forget the experience!
Shirley Feder
New York, NY USA 03/26/2008

Jewish Ghetto Tour of Rome
Micaela's tour of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome was both informative and engaging. It was worth every Euro! Our teenage daughter enjoyed it as much as we did.
Eileen & Michael
New York, NY USA 04/26/2008

Jewish Roma Tour - Jewish Ghetto
Our tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome was a highlight of our two week trip to Italy. Micaela Pavoncello brought warmth, humor, knowledge, enthusiasm, personal history, and real meaning to the tour. She brought to life an important chapter in Roman history. I highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking an insiders' view of Rome.
Barry Rosen
Highland Park, il USA 05/12/2008

Jewish Ghetto with Micaela Pavoncello
We have just returned from visiting the Jewish Ghetto with Micaela Pavoncello. She is an excellent guide with a strong personality and a strong attachment to the Jewish community in Rome. Her family dates back to early Roman times, having settled in Rome long before the Christian era. As she says "we are the first Romans". Her historical description of the Jews in Rome together with her modern description of the community today, was fascinating. She is well informed and gives readily of her information in an informative and interesting manner. Her tour of the Ghetto and the Jewish museum is excellent. Through visualizing artifacts in the museum she imparts the history of the community.

One caveat however. We all want to eat fried artichokes but beware of the restaurants and their prices. Make sure you know what the platter will cost before ordering it. We found the Ghetto prices outlandishly expensive. Even taking into consideration the high value of the Euro, their prices were out of range.

Micaela is a friendly and delightful guide. Having visited the Ghetto on our own many times, we still found her talk interesting and informative. Her warmth is outstanding and she makes you a personal friend.
Irma Greenspan
San Diego, Ca. USA 05/15/2008

The Jewish Roma tour led by Micaela Pavoncello is a great experience. Micaela offers her groups a perspective on Rome that many people know little about. She is knowledgeable and very personable. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in gaining a complete understanding of Rome's religious and cultural heritage.
Lynn Huber
Elon, NC USA 06/01/2008

Micaela Pavoncello Jewish Walking Tour of Rome s of Rome
Micaela Pavoncello's tours jewishroma@gmail.com were the highlight of our trip to Rome. We were lucky enough to have Micaela for the tour of the Synagogue and the Jewish Ghetto. Several of those in the group were not Jewish - many come from all over who are interested in this fascinating history. Two other young women who work for Micaela also were fantastic a well. One did a tour of Ancent Rome and one did a tour of the Vatican. Both were incredibly knowledgable and full of personality as is Micaela. Wonderful people to meet while in Rome and wonderful touring with very special insights.
Judy and Stuart Hershon
Oyster Bay, NY USA 06/09/2008

Jewish Rome Tour - Macaela
We thoroughly enjoyed Macaela Pavoncella's tour of Jewish Rome -she is well informed and also delightful! It was well over 3 hours -definitely worth the time and the money.
Ann Bardacke
Vancouver, WA USA 07/02/2008

Jewish Rome
The best way to see Jewish Rome is with Micaela Pavoncello. We went on a walking tour with her through the Jewish Ghetto and she was marvelous. She knew everything there was to know and she was enthusiastic in telling the history of the ghetto. You can reach her at jewishroma@gmail.com.
Heidi Kuperman
New York, NY USA 07/08/2008

Rome with Micaela/JewishRoma
Our extended family of nine booked two tours in Rome through Micaela Pavoncello and jewishroma.com: her Selections tour (Pantheon, Trevi, etc.) with Sarah, and Vatican-St. Peter's with Jewish Treasures with Mindy. Each was terrific and the guides beautifully managed the difficult job of keeping both kids and adults engaged and enjoying themselves. The perfect way to see these sides of Rome. Also, the planning process with Micaela was friendly, easy and personal. I highly recommend JewishRoma.com!
Jonathan Freund
Los Angeles, CA USA 07/09/2008

Rome's Jewish Ghetto Tour
We took the book's advice and contacted Micaela Pavoncello for this tour and it was one of the highlights of our stay in Italy. Informative, vibrant--exceptional examination of the history of the area leading up to the present--and she guided us to good kosher food in the area. She is knowlegeable and combines history with contemporary comments on the Jewish community of Rome. I only wish I had taken her Vatican Tour.
Jeff WHitman
Dallas, TX USA 07/14/2008

Jewish Roma Tours
My husband and three children just returned from a trip to Europe, where we visited many interesting cities and places. However, if you ask all three of our kids which city was their favorite, they say Roma, without hesitating. Their love of Roma, I believe, was instilled by two amazing woman that we toured with in this wonderful city. Micaela Pavoncello's tour of the Jewish ghetto was incredible! It was so amazing to hear the history of the Roman Jews from someone who has lived it through her family and her own experience. Her knowledge of the Jewish Ghetto and its history is fascinating. Not only is Micaela a great tour guide, but she was also a pleasure to deal with when organizing our trip. In addition, she set up our tour of the Vatican with Mindy, who took us on an incredible tour! I did not think my kids ages 13, 9 and 5, would last the 3 hour tours when we booked them and I was a little concerned about this. However, Micaela and Mindy captivated all of us, and we could have kept on going when the tours ended. I highly recommend these tours when visiting Roma!! It is money well spent on memories that will last forever. Contact Micaela at www.jewishroma.com.
Melanie Handelsman
Los Angeles, CA USA 07/16/2008

Rome Tours Micaela
My husband and our friends from Los Angeles, just returned from a two week vacation in Italy. It began with our amazing 2 day tour of Rome. Micaela provided us the most informative, energetic, and fun tour of the Jewish Ghetto. Her amazing knowledge, enthusiasm and desire to tour is what makes her so exceptional. We originally found her through Rick Steve's website and we are so greatful that we did. She also got us two other amazing tour guides, Sarah for the Coloseum and Forum and Mindy for the Vatican . They were all excellent, knowledgeable, fun, and made touring interesting and informative. It was worth every Euro we spent!! Contact Micaela at www.jewishroma.com
Northbrook, IL USA 07/17/2008

Jewish Rome
We did an amazing tour of the Rome ghetto with Michaela of www. jewishroma.com. A passionate,knowledgeable woman, whose roots are from Ancient Rome, she provided us with the most personal,factual and emotional tour.She then accompanied us for lunch in the ghetto at the most wonderful Kosher restaurant. Do have the carciofi--artichokes Jewish style. She also had her colleague, Mindy do a Vatican Tour with a Jewish focus that afternoon which was also excellent. I recommend their services without hesitation.
Toronto, ON Canada 07/26/2008

Jewish Ghetto Tour
My wife and I highly recommend Micaela Pavoncello's Jewish Ghetto Tour. The story of the Roman Jews is one that I did not know anything about. Micaela tells it from a deep knowledge of her family history. Very highly recommended (www.jewishroma.com). We also did the Vatican Tour with Micaela's partner Mindy. We also found it very well done.
Larry & Tatum
Malden, MA USA 07/31/2008

Jewish Roma tours
Our tours with the JewishRoma company were fabulous and were the highlights of our time in Rome. The guides were interesting, engagning and easy to understand and really provided an in-depth look at Jewish life in Rome through the ages. I highly recommend JewishRoma.com to anyone interested in seeing Rome through the Jewish perspective. The tours we were on were the Jewish Ghetto and the Vatican. Micaela Pavoncello is a delight and makes you feel warm and welcome in her city of Rome.
Encino, CA USA 09/28/2008

Touring with Micaela
This summer, our family, myself, my wife and our children, departed one morning from our coach tour of Italy to take Micaela Pavoncello's Jewish Roma Walking Tours. We had found out about the tour by searching the web in Toronto, Canada, before we departed for Italy. Micaela's credentials were impressive and she sounded like the real thing, i.e. a Jewish Roman citizen, so we were anxious to tour the Roman Jewish Ghetto with someone with an "inside" perspective". Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Micaela was a fount of knowledge. The tour was comprehensive and covered all of the basis of the Roman Jewish Ghetto experience from the origins of the Ghetto to the modern day reality. This was a veritable living/walking history lesson, and as an added bonus, as we walked the narrow streets, Micaela was greeted by the residents of the Ghetto with whom she briefly stopped and chatted; and she then briefly shared the stories of some of those we met, i.e. elderly men who were hidden during the Holocaust and are a living testament to that chapter of history which did not leave Jewish Italy untouched. These interactions truly brought the tour alive and I believe would be unique to a tour conducted by someone such as Micaela who is authentically connected to her environment. I would highly recommend Micaela's tour of the Ghetto. Unfortunately, our tour commitments did not permit time to pursue a number of other tours offered by Micaela. As she is an art historian, we very much wished we could have toured the Vatican museums with her from a Jewish perspective. But that is for next time.
Jeff Steinberg
Toronto Canada 05/05/2008

Jewishroma walking tours - Phenomenals
If you're in Rome and have any Jewish interests, Micaella Pavancello's tour of the Jewish ghetto is not to be missed. Weaving in artifacts from the last 2,000 years, she conveys what it must have been like to live as a Jew in Rome during Imperial times, in the shadow of the Vatican, and today. Micaela is engaging, intelligent, and humorous -- this is the "off the beaten path" tour you've been waiting for!
Judaean Hills, Israel 10/03/2008

Jewishroma roma ghetto walk
jewish rome- ghetto tour with micaela this had to be one of the highlights of our recent italian hholiday.she is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her heritage. this was was a good combination in a tour guide. she is well known within the district , which added a very comfortable,familiar feeling to the tour. It was an enriching experience, definitely a "must-do"
Rosemary and Steven
Melbourne, Vic Aus 09/29/2008

Jewish Tours of Rome
I was seearching for private Tours through Rome and Micaela Pavoncello came up in the search. I was thrilled and contacted her. My friend and I went on the tour...it was fabulous. Micaela was energetic, informative and entertaining. She then suggested her young associate for the Vatican Tour that afternoon - the Jewish Tour of the Vatican - she too was energetic and very informative. I would highly recommend these two women for a differnt tilt on Rome.
Debra Forman
West Chester, PA USA 11/23/2008

Jewish Tours of Rome
For those who are interested in a tour of the Jewish Ghetto and Synagogue and other Jewish life in Rome, you could not get a better private guide than Micaela Pavoncello JewishRoma Walking Tours. She is young, vibrant, passionate and loves what she is doing. Walking in the area with her is a treat and we loved seeing and meeting the people...she seems to know everyone and they love her as well! Wonderful...wonderful...so what are you waiting for??..You should go!!
Gail Glaser
Saint Louis, MO USA 11/22/2008

Touring Rome with Micaela: full experience!
Your tour of the Synagogue and the Ghetto of Rome was at once great fun, highly educational and wonderfully interesting. You obviously have a love for your city and detailed knowledge of the history of the Jewish people in Rome. Your small group was enamored with the spirit that you bring to your presentation of a complicated story. Susan and I learned a great deal and enjoyed every minute of our time together. I would highly recommend your tour to anyone interested in the Jewish history and story of Rome. Thank you. Howard Garsh
Boston, Massachusetts, USA 11/20/2008

Rome Jewish Quarter Tour
So I went on the Jewish quarter tour of Rome with Micaela Pavoncello and I have to say, it was one of the best tours I have ever been on. Micaela was amazing. She was soo much fun to go with and her tour taught me so much. I hate those tours that you go on and the tour guide just rambles on and on with no enthusiasm whatsoever. Well, Micaela was the opposite. Micaela is so passionate about what she does and she creates an amazing environment where you not only learn about the history but you have a great time doing it too. She is such a fun person to be around and my only regret is that I didn't have more time in Rome to go on another one of her tours. Thanks Micaela!!
Joshua Lasky
Woodsburgh, NY USA 12/10/2008

Mille grazie Micaela!
Dear Micaela, We thank you again for a fantastic tour, which gave us a more complete historical perspective. I will definitely recommend you on the Rick Steves website, too. It is really important for Catholics to look at their church with open eyes and to see the results of its abuse of power (not just the Vatican and other churches!). Although Isabella was jetlagged, she soaked it up like a sponge, and she will always remember her tour. We hope you someday make it back to the Ghetto in the apt. of your choice! We will send a photo soon. Also, do not be shy. If you decide to come to San Francisco, Napa, Lake Tahoe, we are available for assistance. We are not as old, but we have a lot of beauty in Northern California! Mille grazie,
Kristina, Tony and Isabella Felix

Jewish Roma
We took three tours thru Jewish Roma: the Ghetto, the Vatican, and Ancient Rome. The latter two were with art history graduate students who knew their subject very well. The first, with Micaela of the Ghetto was someting I think only she can provide with her heritage going back over 2000 years in Rome. The tours were very expensive, but the experiences unforgettable.
Linda Lippitt
Atlanta, GA USA 12/31/2008


Reviews from 2009 Tours

Micaela Pavoncello- Ghetto Tour
We go to Rome yearly and have done dozens of tours, so I wasn't expecting to be SO impressed by our Ghetto Tour with Micaela. The bonus is that she is so enthusiastic, her commitment & love of her community come through on her tour. Everyone in our group learned so much & thoroughly enjoyed every minute with her. Thank you Rick for having her radio interview on your site since I got a feel for her from the audio.
Sandi Spector
Palo Alto, CA USA 04/29/2009

Jewish Roma
Our family of five (myself, my husband and our three adult children) took the Jewish Ghetto tour with Micaela Pavoncello and found it captiving and informative. Mica is a fountain of knowledge. She combines a fascinating history lesson with a delightful sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it.
Chicago, IL USA 01/09/2009

Jewish Ghetto tour
Our family of 5 took the Jewish Ghetto tour with Micaela Pavoncello and a tour of the Vatican with Daniela (recommended by Micaela). They were highlights of our trip through Italy. Both women are clearly enthusiastic about what they are doing.
USA 01/04/2009

Jewish Ghetto tour with Micaela
The Jewish ghetto tour was by far my favorite part of our trip- Micaela really made the history, hardships, and current life of the Jewish ghetto come alive. Couldn't recommend more highly!
NYC, USA 01/04/2009

Walking Tours of Rome - Jewish sites and others
This was our family's first trip to Rome. We took two walking tours with Jewish Roma. The first was a general walking tour that covered all of the highlights of Rome. It was exactly what we wanted to orient ourselves to the city. Sara, our guide, was terrific, explained the historic and artistic significance of what we were seeing and made sure we had a much needed pizza stop (which was great). We also spent a morning with Micaela touring the Jewish museum, synagogue and ghetto and learning about the unique history of Roman Jewry. What a wonderful experience. We felt like family. I would highly recommend these tours.
Westchester County, NY USA 02/24/2009

Jewish Roma
Tours with Jewish Roma are very professional and personal at the same time; Micaela is very commited to her work because it is her history that she is presenting...this is not a scripted tour. This is information presented with passion
Great Neck, N Y USA 02/25/2009

Micaela Pavoncello - Jewish Roma Walking Tours
I live very close (1/2 mile) to the old Jewish Ghetto in Rome, but for many reasons I never visited the Sinagogues and the Jewish Museum. I decided to do it guided by a leading personality in her community. Micaela proved to be the perfect guide even for a Roman Catholic (or a Catholic Roman like me). Besides a very deep knowledge of Roman Jewish culture, Micaela communicated her strong passion and love for one of the most ancient Italian religious communities. I can truly say that Micaela is more than a Guide: she is a great Ambassador of her Roman Jewish heritage. When in Rome do not miss this tour.
Udal degli Uberti
Rome, ITA 06/03/2009

Jewish Roma Tour with Micaela Pavoncello
We just returned from two weeks in Italy and one of our favorite experiences was our tour of Jewish Rome with Micaela Pavoncella. As an active member of the Jewish community, she has a wonderful insight into the past, the present, and future. Everyone knows Micaela and she brought us together with several members of the community. We learned so much about the experience of the Jewish people in Rome. By the time we were finished we felt like part of the family. Micaela is so personable and vivacious. She makes this a worthwhile activity to remember. I recommend this highly.
Linda F
Columbia, MD USA 05/27/2009

Jewish Roma Tour
My wife and I went to Rome and one of the highlights was the Jewish Roma tour with Micaela. The tour included the Jewish ghetto and synagogue. We found her knowledgeable and extremely friendly. In addition, she was great to work with re: scheduling the tour. We highly recommend this tour!
Jeff Bayard
Boston, MA USA 06/16/2009

Rome, tours

My Husband and I have just returned from Rome and we had the pleasure of Micaela of Jewish Roma tours take us around the Jewish ghetto and synagogue, She was charming and enlightening and her assistant Vivian an art historian led us through the Vatican and , she made it all interesting and entertaining > Highly recommend these lovely ladies if you travel to Rome, Italy!
Linda Schwartz
Toronto, On Canada 06/15/2009

Micaela Pavoncello - Jewish Tours of Rome
My wife and I had the pleasure of booking three different tours through Michaella. All three were highly informative, led by knowedgable and friendly tour guides. We toured the Ancient Roman Ruins with a brilliant young woman with extensive knowledge of the topic. We toured the Vatican with a young woman whose knowledgeof art history was amazing and finally, we toured the Jewish Rome with Michaella herself.

She is truly a firecracker of information. From jokes, stories, history and facts, she was non-stop all morning. Everyone knows Michaella in Rome and she knows everyone.

All in all, I highly recommend her comapny and all of her guides. She was dependable, very responsive and took a real interest in making my tours exactly what I wanted.

I recommend her and her group 100%.
Rabbi Avram Rothman
Toronto, Canada 07/20/2009

Micaela Pavoncello - Jewish Walking Tour of Rome
If you want a tour "Off the beaten path" along with the traditional sites, Micaela Pavoncello provides the very best. Her insight and background keeps everyone from pre-teens to seniors entranced. I strongly recommend her.
Doreen Goldman
Modesto, CA USA 07/19/2009

Jewish Roma
We did this tour with our 7 and 9 year old children - Micaela made them feel part of the tour too! She was absolutely fantastic, informative and the tour was extremely intersting! Highly recommended!
Cindy Luck
Sydney, NSW Australia 07/17/2009

Jewish Roma
We did the Jewish Roma tour with Micaela. What an amazing young woman. She is enthousiastic, real and very energetic. This was not a memorized tour. Even our two teenage sons enjoyed it. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy this tour. The Jewish history in Rome is an integral part of the city.
D. Zanzuri
Miami, fla USA 07/14/200